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The Last Message Received

I came across a new Tumblr today that I really enjoy.  The Last Message Received collects the last messages people receive from people, either because their relationship ended or because the person died.  Maybe it’s a bit macabre, but I … Continue reading

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The Skull

The Skull Many years ago, while traveling towards a village whose name I can no longer remember, a young merchant found himself trapped in a sudden thunderstorm.  As the tempest roared and howled and boomed around him, he saw the … Continue reading

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Death in Stories

It’s starting to become increasingly obvious that my stories and the ideas for stories that I most want to write tend to be very death-centric…  I swear, I’m not morbid or macabre in real life.  I only have…two artistic depictions … Continue reading

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Beautiful Graves in the Netherlands

I came across an image of the most lovely graves today. I’ll let Unusual Places explain. Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. On the Protestant part of this cemetery … Continue reading

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Zhuangzi and the Skull

Zhuangzi is one of my favorite philosophers.  He’s generally considered to be the second most important Taoist, after Laozi.  He’s perhaps best known for the story of Zhuangzi and the butterfly, and how after dreaming of being a butterly, Zhuangzi wondered … Continue reading

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