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Metroid Primes

As I mentioned a while ago, I got the Metroid Prime Trilogy and since then, I’ve played through the various Metroid Primes, and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on them. Metroid Prime was the only one … Continue reading

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Official XCOM 2 “Retaliation” Trailer

We got a new trailer for XCOM 2!  It’s so hard waiting.  The original release date was November, but it’s been pushed back to February 5th.  Still, I trust Firaxis.  They made an amazing XCOM, and I really think XCOM … Continue reading

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XCOM 2 “Welcome to the Avenger” Gameplay

I can’t wait for XCOM 2!  The next three months are going to be far too long for my taste.  I absolutely loved XCOM, a squad- and turn-based strategy game that saw you fighting alien forces bent on invading earth. … Continue reading

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This War of Mine

I’ve heard good things about This War of Mine, so I decided to pick it up during the Steam Summer Sale, and I absolutely love it! The game takes place in Pogoren, the besieged capital of Graznavia.  The country is embroiled … Continue reading

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Majora’s Mask and Anti-Solipsism

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is my favorite Legend of Zelda game.  The central concept of the game is that you have three days to save the world before the moon crashes into it, killing everyone.  Luckily, you can … Continue reading

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Balance of Power Game Mechanics

Balance of Power is a Cold War politics simulator.  You play as either the USA or USSR and try to sway countries to your side while keeping your enemy out, gaining prestige for yourself while keeping theirs low.  The game centers … Continue reading

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XCOM: Alien Campaign

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of my favorite games.  You play as the commander of XCOM, surprisingly enough, an organization dedicated to fighting the aliens who are attempting to conquer earth.  It’s an extremely fun and engaging turn-based strategy game. … Continue reading

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