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Polynesian City Builder

One thing I dislike about city builders is that you eventually reach a point where the lack of a struggle reduces my engagement.  In games like Tropico 5 and Banished, and even grand strategy games like Rome: Total War, once … Continue reading

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Fan-Made Short Films About Games

Lately I’ve seen two really good fan-made short films about games, and I wanted to share them.  The first is Terrible Fate, about Majora’s Mask.  I really like it.  Gorgeous models.  Amazing music.  And Majora’s Mask is suitably creepy.  The only … Continue reading

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What I’d Like to See in Dragon Commander 2

Honestly, this is probably more for myself than anyone else, but I wanted to write out what I’d really love to see in a hypothetical Divinity: Dragon Commander 2.  I really loved the first game, and it was an especially … Continue reading

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Divinity: Dragon Commander

I got Divinity: Dragon Commander during the last big Steam sale and I really loved it.  It does a lot of different things well, but I wish it just had a bit more polish, because it really is a unique … Continue reading

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So Overwatch is having its open beta right now and I gave it a try this weekend.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It was a bit frustrating at first, getting constantly massacred by better players, especially since I’m used to doing … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Europa Universalis IV – Brandenburg Part 1: 1444-1500

As I recently mentioned, I got Europa Universalis IV last week and I’m absolutely loving it so far.  I’ve already started a bunch of games, but with the new patch, and some new DLC I got on sale (Art of … Continue reading

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XCOM 2 Thoughts

I’ve been swimming in an endless ocean of XCOM 2 lately, but I finally decided to come up for some air and write down my thoughts.  When I first installed it, the frame rate was awful, even with the graphics … Continue reading

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