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So it really bothered me that this post on Tumblr had a lot of interesting color words, but without any actual links or images, so I decided to add to it and include swatches for reference, and add some additional … Continue reading

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Feel Wheel

I recently came across the below wheel of emotional terms on Reddit, created by OnesimusIx.  It’s intended for use by those with a limited emotional vocabulary, in order to help them convey their feelings, but I think it could be … Continue reading

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Emotion Chart

I came across this and thought it might prove useful for any writers out there.  Enjoy!

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Character Flaw List

It’s an axiom of modern writing that characters need flaws.  Without them, they’re considered to be boring Mary Sues, and for good reason.  Flaws add complexity to a character, make him or her more human, more relatable.  We all have … Continue reading

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Writing Exercises

I came across a wonderful little website full of writing exercises for any authors who might want a little practice: http://writingexercises.co.uk/index.php I think I might try some of the prompts myself and post the results here.  I could certainly use a … Continue reading

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Anachronistic Language Detector

I’m uncertain how difficult such a tool would be, but I had an idea for a writing tool that would serve as an anachronistic language detector.  The user would insert text, select a year, and the program would return the … Continue reading

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While doing research for my current story, I came across an interesting website that I’d like to share: Godchecker.  It’s a neat little encyclopedia of various gods from diverse pantheons, and you can search not only by name, but also … Continue reading

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