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Sostratos of Aegina

O Sostratos of Aegina, who were you?  You, whose profit was so renowned that no explanation was necessary, and that no one else’s could be even compared, are now a hapax legomenon, mentioned once and forgotten.  What did you trade?  Where … Continue reading

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How to Tell a Story

I came across this TED Playlist entitled “How to Tell a Story.”  I thought it might be useful for some readers who are interested in writing and story telling in general.  I hope it’s useful.  Enjoy!

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So it really bothered me that this post on Tumblr had a lot of interesting color words, but without any actual links or images, so I decided to add to it and include swatches for reference, and add some additional … Continue reading

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Feel Wheel

I recently came across the below wheel of emotional terms on Reddit, created by OnesimusIx.  It’s intended for use by those with a limited emotional vocabulary, in order to help them convey their feelings, but I think it could be … Continue reading

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I’ve always found introductions to be the most difficult part of writing, and I’m sure quite a few people would agree with me.  I find it easier when writing fiction.  I usually start in media res with an especially interesting … Continue reading

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Dave Goelz on Personalities

I was just reading an interview on Salon.com with Dave Goelz, the puppeteer for Gonzo, from The Muppets, and it had a nice comment from the puppeteer. What skills does Gonzo draw on in you that are different from your … Continue reading

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Emotion Chart

I came across this and thought it might prove useful for any writers out there.  Enjoy!

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