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Ask Not the Sparrow How the Eagle Soars

This is one of my favorite quotes.*  I first heard it in the anime Kill la Kill, which is itself one of my favorites, and ever since, it’s stuck with me.  Satsuki Kiryuin says it while putting on her kamui, … Continue reading

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Only One Confucian in Lu!

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like Zhuangzi.  I appreciate his desire to question, to discover what people suppose are the same as what is.  The story below, drawn by Larry Gonick for his incredible series Cartoon History of the Universe, … Continue reading

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Zhuangzi and the Skull

Zhuangzi is one of my favorite philosophers.  He’s generally considered to be the second most important Taoist, after Laozi.  He’s perhaps best known for the story of Zhuangzi and the butterfly, and how after dreaming of being a butterly, Zhuangzi wondered … Continue reading

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